Thackeray washer supplier needed

Delurking in search of help.
I'm looking for a supplier/stockist of Thackeray Washers (helical spring
washers, similar in form to a keyring ). I
only need a few hundred to start and then a few thousand. Several makers are
happy to make me what I want, but in vast
quantities, which ups the price of prototypes just a touch! I'm hoping to find
that one of you may know of a supplier
who offers a range.
Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
I've also posted this query to the stationary engines group, which is where I
normally reside!
Thanks and Regards,
Arthur Griffin
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Arthur G
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Spring steel productions in Walthamstow might be worth a try ?
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Thanks, guys.
Got a source sorted out with an off-group reply.
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur G
Arthur, Would you mind posting details of supplier. Some of here may be interested. Regards GeoffH Norfolk - UK not VA
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It was our local supplier who had some on the shelf and could supply boxes of 1000 to the size Arthur wanted.
Alfast Engineering Supplies 01582 418498 Keith/Kevin/Gary
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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Prepair Ltd

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