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Are you looking for the exact same extrusion profile of X-Beams, or are
you just looking for more 1" aluminmum extrusions? If the latter, you
can order a length from a local distributor (saves on UPS trucking
costs) and cut it yourself. You'll save a ton of money if you're wanting
a variety of stock. Assuming a price of .25/inch, a 4" piece is a
dollar, versus $2.52 that Evolution wants. After enough of these you'll
be able to afford a cutoff saw to make your job easier. With an abrasive
cutoff wheel, deburring would be minimal.
As far as I know, the plastic connectors (which few people seem to like)
are exclusive to the X-Beams product. Makers of similar extrusions, like
Bosch and 80/20, offer different connector designs that many designers
The company that owns X-Beams also owns Evolution. That company
(Idealab!) is/was under several shareholder lawsuits, which I'm sure
have been a distraction. It's not surprising X-Beams folded -- it was a
niche market within a niche market. No doubt they wanted to concentrate
on more profitable ventures.
-- Gordon
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JCD wrote:

> Hello.
> I have been looking for resources on the web (via to order more
> "X-Beams" aluminum extrusions and connectors parts for my ER1 robot ( from
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). So far Evolution is the best source for the parts. The
> "X-Beams" company/site is evidently out of business these days.
> I have found several places that are distributors for the same/similar
> product, but they just direct me to a supplier where I have to order one 18
> feet long or something like that. I want them in shorter lengths such as
> 6",12", 24", 36" as well as some of the plastic and metal connector parts. >
> See
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to see what I am
> talking about.
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Gordon McComb
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Thanks for the input, Gordon! Good idea about getting a length of it and just cutting ... I'd thought about it since I have a diamond blade I used on some kitchen tile here recently. And I can use my dremel to debur it I believe.
As far as connector hardware, I agree about the plastic pieces. What I really wanted in that line was cheaper "t-nuts" and even the other metal connectors.
I'll give this some consideration and maybe spend a few $$ in the near future.
Thanks again! P.S. I have both of your books and they are great! Good job!
-- J.C.Deen
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