The odd things you tend to just pick up.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a sale and picked up a few odds and ends for myself such as an indexing table, selection of drills and reamer's.

Amongst some of the bits thrown into the boxes to make then look better, were a couple of die holders and a few dies. Not the round type but square, made by Presto. Now I have always known of the round type but never seen these before.

The die is in two halves, labeled 1 and 2 which fit in order into the holder. The two holders I have, are labelled C and D so I guess the range started at A.

I guess they could take more force in the holder simply because the shape would not turn. Does anyone still use these?

The other odd thing's are a couple of small wooden rulers that have a caliper built in.

One is 5 Inch with brass ends and is marked with breaking loads of different ropes, steel, Manilla and Hemp. The last ruler is a 12 inch folding rule, again with the caliper and marked with weights of barstock per foot.

I can only guess that these two rulers were in fact salesmans giveaways to keep the buyers sweet. Is this correct?



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Adrian Hodgson
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The "square style" dies are excellent for restoring threads, as they can be assembled past the damage on a good bit, and wound off.


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Andrew Mawson

As regards the rules, both used to be sold with those markings, presumably for use by those involved in rope & steel stores etc..


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