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Hi all,

I need to turn a perspex disk about 50mm dia. as a replacement speedo glass on an old Yamaha. What can I use to stick in to a piece of wood mounted in my lathe chuck?

Got to be something that will stick well enough for turning but come off and not leave a mark...

Cheers for any suggestions!


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Zed Bert
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Blu-Tack? It will hold pretty tight if even across the disc.

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Bill B

PVA glue onto your wooden block Sheet of drawing paper PVA on the other side of the drawing paper Perspex sheet held on until set. Machine away, hot water to release.

Very old trick but works everytime with virtually any material.

John s.

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John S

What I do is screw a square of plastic sheet to a wood base - that screwed to the faceplate or mounted on a block held in a four-jaw. Then I trepann the disk out of the square (the screws are in the corners). When I get close I feed slowly and then remove the square and break the disk out when the cut is almost through. Clean up with a file.

Have done several guage and clock "glasses" this way. Polycarbonate as well.

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Use the tailstock with a ball bearing live centre, and a thick piece of hard rubber to press the plastic onto the wood. A few light cuts, and it's done. Only got a fixed centre? Use it to press a ball bearing onto a hockey puck or a piece thereof to sandwich the plastic.

Steve R.

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Steve R.

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