Vertical milling slide for boxford

Hi all,
I am in the process of making a vertical mill slide for my boxford. What I
plan to do is to use an angle plate bolted in place of the toolpost. I am
trying to make it using the lathe that I have got, rigging up temporary
working surfaces. (I had planned to make a small miller years ago, so have
many of the components to make the slide already)
Currently, I have got my angle plate fastened in place of the tool post. I
have checked alignment using a DTI and it is good. My first task is to make
more T Nuts so that I can fasten the angle plate much sturdier to the
compound slide.
I have firmly attached a piece of steel to the angle plate to start
machining. So far, so good.
I have calculated the speed for a 1/2" mill (mill cutter or slot drill) to
be about 794rpm. (Is this correct, I used to know the formula but have
forgotten it). I was on 840rpm, came down to 560 and came down again to
about 260.
All I am doing is cutting the step for the T Nut. I need two nuts so I am
cutting about 2.5 - 3". So far so good. My first cut I took about 0.3mm deep
and the machine started to argue with me, so I then cut it down to about
0.15mm and was taking steps.
At about 3 mm deep and towards the end of my stoke, the lathe is really
really moaning at me. It seems either the cutter is moving or it is dragging
the work into it. Funny thing is, it is only in one place.
Have I work hardened it? How can I get around it?
Has anyone else built a vertical slide? Any tips (or plans)?
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Can't help you with plans but have an adjustable mill slide for sale which I'm putting on e-bay when I get organised.. I'll send you a picture if it will help.
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Henry Springer
Yes please.
Do the obvious to get my real email address.
Cheers. Dave.
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