VSD/inverter installation

I'm planning to fit a VSD to my newly acquired Viceroy TDS1; do VSDs need to
be matched to the motor power exactly, or will a bit under or over be OK?
Wiring these things up holds no fear for me, but I've no idea about matching
requirements. And if I ever get enough round tuits together, I might
eventually cobble together a DRO; will a VSD make life more difficult?
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David Bradshaw
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A VFD with greater or equal power than the motor is quite OK, but the other way round is problematic. Induction motors only draw their maximum power when under full load; an idling motor draws much less power. If, for example, you have a 2hp (1.5Kw) motor, but never ask more than 1hp of it, then you could probably use a smaller VFD and accept the overload cut-outs that will occur from time to time. I wouldn't like to run it like that, though.
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Gary Wooding

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