Aldi Grinding wheels

Killing time waiting for my 1952 Sunbeam S8 to be MOT's this morning I noticed an Aldi close by, and seeing all the traffic here about cheap tools at Aldi I went in to browse.

I was very surprised to see that they had loose grinding wheels bashing arround on each other as people pawed them. They also had what looked like sets of 5", 6", and 7" wheels in cardboard wrappers. Knowing the damage a cracked wheel can do, and reckoning that the majority of their customers are probably not as knowledgeable as most of the contributors here I think it is an accident waiting to happen - or am I being too fussy????


ps the Sunbeam will shortly be going on eBay, another sad sacrifice to the house moving god

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Andrew Mawson
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Bloody hell mate, get a grip.


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Charles Ping

See if Jesus want it.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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