Blue SG Grinding Wheels

I hope to have my surface grinder in a working condition over the
Christmas period, but in advance of this I need to replace the wheel
that it came with, which is both worn and potentially suspect as to
Having in the distant past used standard WA (Norton 38A/similar) wheels
pretty exclusively this was my first choice until I came across the
blue SG wheels. These would seem to offer more versatility to those of
us limited to having just 1 or 2 wheels, albeit at a higher cost.
Anyone have experience or recommendations on these? And bearing in mind
the different characteristics what would be an equivalent SG wheel to
say an 60 or 80 grit J/K WA wheel?
All my grinding would be dry, and would be on mild steel or P20 with
the need to occasionally grind some cast iron. Wheel size is 7" and I
would probably want just 2 widths, 1/2" and 1/4".
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Peter Neill
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I bought acouple of blue SG wheels that were on special offer from J&L about 2 years ago. I've used them for dry surface grinding, mostly on M/S, HSS and tool steel. They cut very nicely and seem to wear less and need dressing less often than WA wheels.
Wheel data Camel Grinding Wheel Corp. Israel
The 46H item is a pretty versatile wheel. With fine dressing and light finishing cuts it leaves a really excellent finish. Unless you're after something close to a true mirror finish it's not worth going any finer.
H is a pretty soft cool cutting grade but the wear rate is OK - as good or better than WA J/K
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Used to use Blue SG wheels in a previous life for regrinding large cutters on a Reinecker T&C grinder ever since the rep first brought them to us to try.They were about four times more expensive than "ordinary" wheels but lasted probably ten times longer as well.Said it all when the reps from other companies used to come in and say "Oh your using SG`s" before turning to leave.One determined bloke eventually gave in after weeks of giving us freebies to try against the Norton wheels.As for recommendations for grade etc contact Norton they were always very helpful to us.Hope this helps.
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Mark Higham
Thanks for that information on the grades Jim, just what I was after. Incidentally how do they fare on holding sharp corners? Mark, I couldn't get in touch with Norton that easily so just referenced the US website information. I did call Besco in whitstable who distribute Norton products, and this confused matters further as he then recommended a 95A wheel which has a 5% SG content!
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Peter Neill
Hi Peter,
Nothing useful to add about these wheels, but do tell us your findings -and when you've got them what you think of them. My 540 should be working some time in the new year and I need to buy some wheels for that. Similar requirements to you -but might fit a wider wheel.
Regards Kevin
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Kevin Steele

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