X3 mill source?

Does anyone know who imports the X3 benchmill into the uk?
I know
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has a variant of this but does not
stock them.
A URL for any suppliers would be useful.
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Wayne Weedon
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Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
Arc Euro is out of stock until late July when the next order come in. -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
Visit the new Model Engineering adverts page at:-
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John Stevenson
In message , John Stevenson writes
Thanks Tony and John.
Looks like a good little machine to retrofit, and not too expensive. (Sadly much cheaper Stateside though) .
Since getting into 3D prototyping i've been looking for a small machine to do those small jobs, to free up the Interact for the bread n butter work.
I think I want a faster spindle though. Does anyone know what the Quill diameter is on these machines? Might be able to fit an air spindle in it's place.
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Wayne Weedon
Model Engineer's Workshop, about 2-3 issues back had a series on converting the X3 to CNC by Dick Stephens. I talked to him about the X3 at one point when I was thinking of buying one - he was vety helpful and knowledgeable.
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Norman Billingham

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