Aiuto per modellista polacco...

Salve, oggi mi ha scritto un modellista polacco. Riporto di sotto il suo msg:

Hi, Maybe it is great surprise for you that unknown person write to you. I'm a modeler from Poland. From longer time I' ve wanted to write to someone from Italy. I've found your e-mail address and how you see I've decided to write to you. My English s very poor, but believe you'll understand me and will help me as much as possible. So, from longer I want to find address to Italian manufacturer of Tartan engines. I'm looking for one engine for my new Balsa USA Citabria Pro - 2 meters wingspan model. I think gas engine with capacity 22cc will be best for this model. I'll be very glad if you would like to find for me post address for manufacturer of this engine and if possible too e-mail address. And maybe in your Club is anyone who have this engine new or old in good condition that are no longer needed? Please ask your friends-modelers. Okay? If not possible maybe anyone have small gas engine from grass trimmer with capacity 20-23cc or bigger that are no longer needed? I can to convert it for modelar needs. Here best will be engine from ECHO, HONDA 2- or

4-stroke engine, STIHL, Ryobi, and every other with similar capacity, or glow engine with capacity 10cc and bigger. I believe you will help me as much as possible. And maybe you or anyone from your Club have some modelar magazines in English, German, French and Italian that are no longer needed and you will want to send me. I'll be like every number of magazine. Please reply me as soon as possible. Sincerely Marian Nazimek

Chi mi aiuta ad aiutarlo? Grazie e ciao a tutti

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