Acrylic Fabrication

I assembled my first acrylic case using 1/4" material, Weld-on 3 and a
hypodermic needle. The first box came out surprisingly well, the second
small box (1/8" material) wasn't as great. I'm getting bubbles in the seams.
I'm also trying to think up a jig or clamp to hold the pieces square. It
needs to be cheap. I can't afford pro equipment for my occasional acrylic
I'm also considering building an electric line heater with nichrome wire. I
have the electrical experience, but I don't know how many watts per linear
unit I should design for. I would need to bend up to 1/4" material.
Any help is appreciated.
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I'm assuming you are using capillary application. Could be a bad fit. Holding the 1/8 square is harder than 1/4. If possible, it's best to fit the parts loosely, apply sovent, then pressure, with clamps, or weights. Also, the Weld-on 3 may be too fast, Weld-on 4 is slower.
Jigs need not be fancy, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), doesn't warp as bad as partical board or plywood. Masking tape, rubber bands, springs, shot sack, spring clothes pins, all work for clamping.
A simple heater coil with an adjustable reostat like a Variac will give you good control for a varity of thicknesses.
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Billy Hiebert
I've been practicing and a smooth edge and tight fit are the key.
MDF is a great idea. I'll have to try building a jig one of these weekends. I used masking tape, but it wicks up the solvent onto the surface and damages the finish. It is okay on the edge not being glued.
I guess I'll have to experiment with that. I'm not sure of the proper gauge of nichrome wire to use and such. I'm thinking 20 watts per inch should be a good starting point. I could be way off though. If anyone can tell me how long their line bender's coil is and how many watts it is rated for would help. From there, I can design a temp control system.
Thanks for your help.
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should be a
I don't have a bending set up myself, but from what I've seen, most have some sort of control to adjust the heat. Especially if you are going to bend different thicknesses. You might look at commercial set ups to get some ideas. There are a few at:
formatting link
They are listed in the Plastic Working section.
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