Acrylic questions (historic)

I work a lot with acrylics (cutting, bending, cementing) and I've always been curious about things. I appreciate the responses to my past questions in the group, but now I've come up with more.

It seems no matter who I call to get price quotes on a sheet of acrylic, I'm always quoted extruded material. It seems that it has become the general purpose material - at least in my short time in dealing with it. From reading about it years ago, I always though sheets were made by cell casting method. I know the materials have slightly different properties and costs, but I was curious as to when extruding first originated, and when it became common.

If anyone can give me a brief history of acrylics, I'd be grateful. For example, I can find lots of information about the evolution of flat glass manufacture, but nothing on acrylic. It is like back in 1936, POOF there it is!

Thanks, John

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