Cementing polycarbonate

I have a polycarbonate vacuum blower that had fan blad brocken off broken. Will methylene chloride solvent cement work? I remember super glueing one before and it worked okay. I'd like to do better than super glue though. Thanks

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You should be o.k. See:

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1,2-dichloroethane (ethylene dichloride) can be used to make a solvent weld. Using a fine tipped pipette of the solvent, dribble it onto the broken surfaces until they are wetted (but don't flood it). Then allow a minute's drying and place the two surfaces together under pressure for 30 seconds. Some dissolved polymer will ooze out of the join. Then put the article down on a sheet of paper and allow to set for 24 hours. If the piece is transparent and you can see any unwetted areas of the join (bright or reflective mark), dribble some solvent onto just that area. These welds are extremely strong compared to glued surfaces: a re-break will occur somewhere else! Take the usual precautions with solvents: no smoking, lots of fresh air, do not breathe the vapour. Do not spill this particular solvent on anything synthetic.
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