I currently have no completed models which were done with super glue. The
reason is: I once sandwiched a few plastic model parts together with it. It
seemed like an absolutely ideal bond for a short while. I let those parts
sit for a few days. No big deal... I didn't do all the usual seam sanding
and painting work. The glue seams became brittle. I was able to easily
pull the stuff apart.
I do use superglue for guitar repair though. It is the best "transparent
wood filler" I have ever found.
The Testors orange tube stuff is more like the kind of action I like. It
seems like it makes plastic become a part of the adhesion. It's always
extremely hard to get stuff apart once it has been glued with Testors orange
If any plastic model builders are lovin' some other kind of glue better than
the Testors orange tube, I'd like to give it a try. Maybe a glue that does
not have the eternal string that you have to wind off after applying a glue
line or one that comes with a fine-tip applicator.
Kennesaw, GA
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Dave, you dont sand seam lines? You dont paint? Your models must look like crap!
And NOBODY uses Testor Orange excpet for a 5 year old!
Testors tube--the real smelly stuff is the only way to go, I mean, if your not gonna paint or sand a kit, you might as well get a buzz from the nasty toxins in Testors Tube Glue! Right?
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dave, if you build what you like and enjoy it, the flies on the cowflap just buzz. freedom begins when you tell mrs, grundy to go to hell.
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Yes, a kindred spirit. I use Testor's tube glue, and people think I'm a rube. My experience with Super Glue is sometimes over the years it exudes some sort of brown crud. Kim M
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I find CA (cyanoacrylate = Superglue) good mainly for filling seams and gluing PE or resin parts. Polystyrene-to-polystyrene bonds are generally best left to the tube or liquid cements.
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Edwin Ross Quantrall

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