IPMS Convention news or model pics

Does anybody have news what's happening at the IPMS Convention or know of an internet address where the contest models may be seen?

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blueleader wrote:

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Try going to the horse's mouth:

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Good-by to your latest identity shift, asshole. P-L-O-N-K!

My home page:

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" In walks the village idiot and his face is all aglow; he's been up all night listening to Mohammad's radio" W. Zevon

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Bill Woodier

I looked at the site-- it says nothing, it shows all the empty space, and the vendors sitting around wishing they had not overpriced thier crap. Good to see Bucky is getting fat, he is looking more like a chipmonk every day!

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by the way, pissmeddeler, i left the fare for the rid on your mom in one of her chins, 12l, i think.

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Does this current run of nonsense mean that Dennis didn't make it to Nats in his own back yard?


At least it made the convention experience better for those in attendance.

Time to update the killfile again.

Plonk. :-)


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