Chemical centrifuge, fully enclosed and fireproof with other plant for sale in UK

Due to the reorganisation of a substantial chemical site in UK a rare
opportunity presents itself to acquire first class chemical assets at
a very attractive price in first class condition.
Brief details are supplied here and more comprehensive data can be
made available on request including flow diagrams. Plant visits can be
arranged. Each piece of plant is either still in use or has been in
use within the immediate past few months as the operations are wound
Originally brought on stream in 1994 this 100ktpa plant is in
excellent working condition producing 96% water white acid from
minimum 52% strength input.
The plant is designed for the treatment, stripping and concentration
of spent sulphuric acid from different process origins such as MNT,
NTSA, CM and SBA to produce purified sulphuric acid of 96%
concentration as stated above.
The NOx ?containing effluent gas is purified by pressure absorption
and nitric acid is recovered.
Pre-treatment, stripping and pre-concentration of spent acid is
achieved in atmospheric conditions using thermo-siphon systems. The
pre-concentrated sulphuric acid is further treated in the
Plinke-Savaco-HT Process which is a vacuum rectification process at
relatively high temperature, to produce a purified acid of 96 wt %
minimum concentration of H2SO4.
The Nox-containing gases generated during the treatment and
concentration process are absorbed under pressure conditions using
water and atmospheric air.
Process steps and additional units
Pre-treatment and concentration (SAPC)
Sulphuric acid preconcentration under atmospheric conditions to
approximately 74 wt%
Stripping and further treatment and concentration (STRIP)
A stripping unit in which the acid is concentrated to approximately 74
wt% and the generated vapours are used for stripping out some of the
Sulphuric acid medium concentration (SAMC)
Sulphuric acid medium-concentration unit up to 85% under vacuum
conditions at approximately 70 t0 80 mbar a
Sulphuric acid high concentration (SAHC)
Sulphuric acid high-concentration unit up to 96 wt% which is operating
under vacuum conditions of approximately 75 to 80 mbar a
Nitric acid storage and treatment system
NSA treatment system
NOx-absorbtion (ABS)
Thermo oil system (TO)
Chiller unit package
Instrument air compressor
Oil separator.
The Savaco ? HT Process enables purification of the final product from
organic impurities to be achieved. The combination of pre-treatment
and stripping of the sulphuric acid vapours of the second stage, as
well as the final treatment of the sulphuric acid product result in a
highly purified product.
Instrumentation and control
The plant is operated from a control console. Normal day-to-day
operation will be from a remote control room by computer keyboard.
Start-up and shutdown of machines as well as the start-up of the
evaporation process are carried out remotely from the keyboard.
Emergency shutdown is carried out automatically or manually. All
important process parameters are controlled; the corresponding set
points are fixed by the operator. After constant operating conditions
have been reached and all controllers have been switched over at the
keyboard to ?Automatic' the plant is thereafter controlled
Heating and cooling
There is a complete thermo oil generator with maximum heat capacity of
5500 kW. Consumption of natural gas is approximately 560 mn3/h
(nominal). Consumption of gas oil is approximately 500mn3/h (nominal).
Chiller unit cooling capacity 290 kW.
Offers will be considered ex plant in the region of £ 1.95 million.

A continuous fireproof centrifuge 8 feet in diameter and 11 feet face
totally enclosed having 25 square metres of filter area. Suitable for
fine chemical use and pharmaceuticals. Original year of installation
General description
Filter drum, deck and piping are in AISI 304L stainless steel and the
screen is type AISI 304 stainless steel 25 x 110 wire (mesh). The
filter tank and hood are in AISI 304. Other materials are plain carbon
steel unless specified otherwise. All gaskets are nitrile rubber or
equal. Packing for various stuffing boxes are rubber core with Teflon
The tank is constructed from 5mm AISI 304L plate with external
structural steel reinforcing. The shell is provided with one
horizontal bolting flange and gasket, insulation stops and with dowels
for matched fit to receive the totally enclosed hood. The structural
steel framework of the shell is provided to form supports for mounting
the filter on a concrete or structural steel base.
A totally enclosed hood with 8 inspection ports is made of 5 mm AISI
304L plate with four lifting lugs. Six light ports with explosion
proof lamps are fitted. One hinged access door is placed at the
discharge end to replace the scraper edge. The door has air cylinder
The cylindrical surface of the drum, with the filter media mounted on,
forms the filtering surface. The filtrate liquor, drawn through the
media, is drained by a piping system internal to the drum. Solids
suspended in the slurry remain on the surface of the media and form
the cake. AISI 304L is the stainless grade throughout.
This is a first class piece of chemical kit in good working order.
Offers in the region of £100k.
An ideal stand-by power plant, on sled for quick deployment in
emergencies or as temporary power plant. Original construction 1990.
The engine is IVECO AIFO 258885. Alternator is a Partner Type
LSA46L8AS ACTR. Continuous service 200 Kw. 250Kva. 361 Amp @ 40
Centigrade. 60 Hz. 400V. 3 Phase. Connection ?D'. 1500RPM.
Class ?H' insulation.
Excitation 27V (continuous duty). 3.5 Amp. 0.1 Amp @ no load.
Alternator weight 825 Kg. Max altitude 1000 metres.
Date on alternator 11/90. Regulator RS128A1.
NDE BRG 6313-2RS/C3.
This generator is little used has clean engine oil and is in perfect
working order.
This is priced for quick sale at an unbelievable £ 11K.
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