Pattern kit for sand and investment castings

I recently received the large starter kit provided by Granthams.
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My future plans include the construction of a model steam locomotive, and
this kit, in my estimation, is going to be the answer to many problems that
otherwise wouldn't be resolved without a pantograph engraver.
Builder plates and pretty much anything else that requires any kind of text,
along with difficult to carve configurations that could be easily drawn on
various drawing programs, can be created with drawing or CAD programs most
of us have on our computers. Having an imagination extends the
capabilities beyond description, for using this kit opens many otherwise
closed doors.
The kit comes with all necessary supplies to make patterns, plus a great
video cassette and a pamphlet with explicit instructions on how to go about
making them. The patterns can then be used for either investment or sand
casting. Instructions on how to apply them are included in the video as
well as the pamphlet.
A few inexpensive items are necessary to expose the photo-sensitive resin,
and complete instructions, along with sources for obtaining the needed
supplies are provided. Nothing exotic, all available at the local hardware
I highly recommend this kit for any of you that intend to do any casting of
such items.
Usual disclaimers. I am not affiliated with these folks, just pleased with
my kit!
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Harold & Susan Vordos
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Nice web site, but I'm wondering what kinds of hazards there might be in working with these resins, e.g. toxicity, and what precautions one has to take.
Ignorantly, Allan Adler
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Allan Adler
Yeah, I think it's pretty cool, too. The topic of toxicity is certainly something to consider, for sure. I wonder if one were to contact the list of suppliers that are mentioned in the brochure that accompanies the kit if information pertaining to the possible hazards could be obtained.
I like the idea that the resin is water soluble, though. At least you are not subjected to strong solvents or fumes that way. In viewing the video and watching a pattern being washed down after exposure, it was all done with what looked like a small brush, perhaps an old tooth brush, using a little soap, and rinsing in clear water. You also don't ever have to intentionally come in contact with the product until it is fully cured. Wish I could provide more info, but I can't.
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Harold & Susan Vordos
Looking at the MSDSs will generally reveal this. Or looking at the makers website. Given that even in cases of wanton stupididy, the lawyers tend to pay out millions of dollars if your hair goes blue, most makers tend to supply reasonable information.
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Ian Stirling
The pattern resin shown on our website is 95 durometer liquid photopolymer. We've used various photopolymers, both liquid and sheet, for over 20 years in our print shop and have never experienced any problems. My experiences as a photoengraver dealt with a lot more hazardous nitric and sulphuric acid. The water washout photopolymer resins are only sensitive to ultraviolet light, so are pretty easy to work with.
According to the MSDS the component is Methacrylic Ester Monomers. Under the Potential Health Effects: Inhalation: May cause irritation to respiratory tract. Eye: May cause irritation Skin: May cause irritation or dermatitis Ingestion: May cause nausea and vomiting Carcinogenicity: IARC, NPT and OSHA do not list any components of this product as a carniogen. Medical Conditions Aggravated by Long Term Exposure: Skin allergies, asthma, bronchitis and emphysema Chronic Effects of Overexposure: Repeated skin contact may cause sensitization in some individuals.
Any questions are welcome. My e-mail is granthams at wiktel dot com and website
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Rod Grantham
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