Kemilway BR Standard 3MT 2-6-2T Kit or 2-6-0 Chassis Kit

Some 30 years ago, Kemilway produced, amongst other things, a kit for the BR Standard 3MT 2-6-2T in 4mm scale. This kit incorporated an etched nickel silver chassis kit which was also marketted for use with the Kitmaster / Airfix / Dapol BR Standard 3MT 2-6-0 kit.

I have acquired one of the 2-6-2T kits which is excellent, even by current standards. However, the kit seems to be missing the chassis assembly instructions, (if they were ever provided). Does anyone have a set of the instructions from the chassis kit lying around that they could scan for me, please?

Whilst on the subject, any recollections of having assembled one of these kits would be gratefully received; particularly relating to the motor / gear combination used.

Regards, John Isherwood.

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The Chassis kit for the Airfix 4MT was designed for a tender mounted motor connected to the rear driving wheels through a universal shaft (supplied). The instructions recommend a 40:1 gear set - Romford or equivalent. Suggested motors are MW005, X-04 or Romford 'Bulldog'.

If you really run into trouble, I suspect the Bachman Ivatt class 4 chassis will probably fit. (Guess who has a partly built Airfix conversion on an old wilross chassis)

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