Fire place screemn material

I am looking for a decorative steel or brass perforated sheet that I could
use to build a fireplace screen. I checked with McNichols Co. & they gave me
a price of $175.00 for a 3'X8' sheet of cloverleaf design. They claimed the
brass price would be very expensive and didn't quote a price. Any
suggestions where else I might look? I am thinking a decorative wire cloth
may work also. Minnesota area.
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I found some S.S. Woven wire( kinda like chain link fence, only much finer) at a salvage yard from a food processing plant.---conveyor belting, easily cleaned & sterilized.--Jerry
Sven wrote:
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Jerry Wass
Standard answer to "where can I find" is
formatting link

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Jim Woodward
I used Stainless steel wire mesh from McNichols, and had it blackened.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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