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Does someone have any technical litterature about epoxy adducts, i.e. raw materials or synthesis parameters ? For instance, I work on Bisphenol A/F epoxy resin and cycloaliphatic hardener and I intend to lower their blooming tendency.

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why do you use the cycloaliphatic curing agent? Is is IPDA? Aliphatic diamines (TMD) tend to bloom less and are cheaper (i think, not sure bout that last bit). They leave a rougher resin surface that the cycloaliphates after curing. Phenylgycidylether (thinner P) is quite reactive, smooths the epoxy resin surface and prevents carbamate formation. Maybe adding some bisphenol-A-diglycidylether (BADGE or DGEBA) will have the same effect. It all depends on what you want to use the resin for. Every "trick" has different influences on the properties of the cured material.

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Thank you,

In fact, the purpose of this product is flooring, so a smooth surface, chemically resistant, is needed. I just join the company and the recipe already exists, the hardener being cycloaliphatic polyamine (not IPDA, which shows a huge blooming effect). So, I only have to slightly modify the formula and I choose to work on hardener.

I keep in mind this idea of adding phenylglycidylether, which would also act as a reactive diluent, better than DGEBA, because we also need medium range viscosities.

Anyway, tha,k you for your help.

Nicolas DELFAU

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