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Dear all,
I'm looking for an orange pigment for an aerosol formulation. Binder :
acrylic. Solvent : ketonics and acetates. Propellant : diethyl ether.
We tried, first, a monoazoic orange 5 that didn't go well in such polar
solvents. After a month @ 50°C, it became dark brown.
We've got a pyrazolone orange 13 that behaves better in solvents, but has
low UV resistance.
We also have a benzimidazolone but the price is so huge that we didn't even
try it.
My questions are twofold :
1 - Does anyone know where I can find a list of the chemical nature of
pigment related with their colour index ?
2 - Does someone think of a particular orange pigment, with a strong shade,
near the red, so that we can formulate it to get a RAL 2009 ? ... at a price
lower than 20-30?/kg ?
Thank you in advance.
Nicolas DELFAU
Peintures SOB
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Nicolas DELFAU
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1) Pigments are colored because of the long chain conjugations (alternating double/single bonds) within their molecules. The longer the conjugation, the longer the absorption wavelength. The bonding atoms are generally carbon and/or nitrogen in their various combinations.
2) Don't be too quick to rule out pigments based on price alone, as a higher coloring power could help reduce the cost of pigment per unit.
Lean on your suppliers heavily for their help with this. Is a red/yellow combination possible?
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Try DPP Orange RA from Ciba. Its an organic orange with exceptional weathering characteristics in masstone strength. Used widely in automotive applications.
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