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I am in the middle of building the Classic Airframes Meatbox T7 ,looking forward to painting it in the semi-gloss black and dayglow orange FAA colours. From past experiance I know that getting a good dayglow finish is a bit of hard job what with all the white undercoats, gloss topcoats and such.

So I was wondering wether I could get away with using International Orange (Xtracolour) instead?

Is there much difference between the two?

Would anybody notice or care if I did?

-- Your help is, as always, greatfully receved. Rory Manton

1957 109 Series One, Daisy 1965 Series 11 SWB GS , Rose.
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Rory Manton
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Yes, Int. Orange is much duller.

Notice yes, care no.

Thats said, try shooting flat white and masking it off before the black, then try either Vallejo flourescent orange or go get some poster paint and thin it with airbrush medium.

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In direct vision (i.e. not a photo) the difference to the eye is like that between colour and grayscale. Use a spraycan acrylic white as a base, then after that your preferred brand of dayglo. I haven't used Xtracolour dayglo, but the Humbrol version worked very well (once the right thinner was used). If you are airbrushing, the orange can be built up in layers as you go, to give a bleached/faded look on some areas.


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