HDPE & LLDPE or mLDPE blend

Is possible to blend a HDPE (0.95, 1 MI 5kg) used in blown film, with LLDPE or mLDPE to reduce the density? Has anyone info about this?


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Yes, but density of PE can be very misleading. Let me explain.

HDPE is the "ideal" PE that we think about when we think of polymerizing ethylene. The chains are repeating CH2 units and are perfectly linear. LDPE is similar, but due to polymerization defects, it has a number of branches. These branches prevent the chains from crystallizing to a very high degree. Since crystals are more tightly packed than non-crystals, they are more dense. Consequently, LDPE has a lower density than HDPE. LLDPE is a copolymer of ethylene and octene or some similar alpha-olefin. Like LDPE, the octene prevents the PE from crystallizing, but since the branches are short (only 6 C atoms long), the material still has better properties than LDPE.

So yes you can blend HDPE with LLDPE or such, but reducing the density as an objective is not the right idea. What is it that you are really trying to achieve?

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