Plastics with high UV-A Transmission

I am looking for plastics with high UV-A transmission capability.
My aim is to bond a ring (wall thickness 5-10 mm) made of that plastic
to a powder laquered steel tube. Cycle time is very low, so a UV-curing
adhesive would be perfect.
Bondability of the plastic should be high therefore.
Additionally the plastic should be suitable for injection molding.
High modulus would be welcome, on the other side it should be not too
brittle (I'd like to implement a film hinge).
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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Volker Borst
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Polypropylene in thin films is very transparent all the way down to 200 nm, but I don't know what it's like as a moulding. If you can keep antioxidants and other additives out of the mix, it might be OK.
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Colin Cook

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