Polymer Nanocomposites

Polymer Nanocomposites are new class of polymers. Normally nanoparticles like sodium montmorillonite (MMT) is added or mixed with the polymer matrix to obtain these composites, after some surface modification to render clay particles more organophilic so that intercalation could be possible between silicate gallaries and resultant increase in the basal spacing as confirmed by x-ray powder diffractometer and TEM imaging. Depending on the method of synthesis exfoliated, intercalated structures can be obtained. We can find use of these PNCs in Aerospace, plastics and food packaging industries etc.Oxygen barrier, fire retardency, increment in tensile strength are few properties of these PNCs. For my brief introduction I am Saleem Ahmed a research scholar of Nanotechnology. I have done M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry and now study different methods of PNCs synthesis included: Exfoliation-adsorption, in-situ intercalation & melt intercalation etc. My reserach objective is to introduce PNCs Research in Pakistan while utilizng available facilities. I would request all concerns to please provide details of relevant studies. Thanks and warm regards, Saleem Ahmed

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How about the research status of you in Pakistan?

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