Product of ABCO Industries

I try to find a product based on this obscure quote from the literature: "an antistatic copolymer in the form of a quaternized methacrylate copolymer (sold by ABCO Industries)". A quick search on the web hasn't produced any results.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Oliver

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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford
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Eastman Chemical bought ABCO Industries in 1996, so you might have luck in contacting them. They often will rename products obtained through acquisitions.

Keeping track of the players in the chemical industry is nearly impossible. Lanxess!? What's a Lanxess? Better yet, how do you pronounce it?


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John Spevacek

Thanks a lot!

Pronounciation is easy: it has something to do with success - at least according to the people at lanxess.


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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford

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