Terpene phenol resin info

I'm a chemical engineering student working on his final project, and
I'm having a lot of trouble to find the enthalpy of formation of a
terpene phenol resin (MW=900 aprox.) as well as it's thermal
conductivity (temperature between 25 and 75ºC aprox.).
I would be very thankful if anyone could give me a hint about any of
this properties, since I've already searched libraries and the web,
and I couldn't find anything.
Thanks in advance
Best regards
Pedro Almeida
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You could try talking to the various manufacturers. I don't know that they would have the enthalpy of formation, but would likely have the thermal conductivity. I can't remember offhand who makes these materials in Europe, but in the US, I would contact Eastman Chemicals
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and/or Arizona Chemicals.
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John Spevacek

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