Tg Values of Polymers

I would like to know the Tg values of most of the polymers. Where can I find such an exhaustive list? Thanks in advance.


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Senthil Kumar
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In the CAMPUS database

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and probably in the Polymer Handbook.


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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford

Look at the TA Instruments homepage, there you can order a card with typical thermic and calometric values some polymers...

But: I work with TPU and: Tg from -100°C to 0°C... so use this card if you need typical values

And a Tg measured by DSC is an other value than it will be measured by DMA and tih will depend on the frequency.. if you need special values

So if you need typical values use that TA Instruments card if you need special values use Campus and if that will not work ask the supplier or: measure it!

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Michael Erwerle

Try the latest edition of the Handbook of Plastics, Elastomers, and Composites, published by McGraw Hill. I believe it will be the 3rd Edition now.

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