Which dye to use with epoxy?


I am trying to dye an epoxy adhesive which I use to glue Plexiglas. I tried with different commercial epoxies and normal ink (I dont have a clue what the chemical composition of ink is), however with 2 out of 3 epoxies the mix turnes redish, with only one it stayes kind of blueish.

Can anybody help me which dye to use with epoxy? I just want to be able to distiguish between the adhesive and the Plexiglas in the end, so I actually dont care if the hole stuff turns red instead of blue, however it seemed that the redish epoxy does not cure perfectly ....?

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Gerard Harbach
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What you should have done was use some of the methyl methacrylate based glues formulated for gluing acrylic sheets. I think some of them are colored. I know the Corian adhesives are colored and also contain filler. A dye on the cured epoxy or sheet would just stain it. In fiber dyeing there are essentially 4 mechanisms: 1. dyes with acid dye moieties for dyeing things like nylon with amine ends. 2. Dyes with amine groups for dyeing thing like acrylic fibers with sulfonic acid groups.

  1. Disperse dyes which dissolve in the fiber above tg. 4. Mordant dyes for mostly cotton where dye precipitates in the fiber structure. If you want to tint your epoxy before cure, use a pigment like phthalocyanine blue which will be inert to the epoxy. Frank
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