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Well I know how to get parts to be 2 colors
1. Create a Bo
2. Color the Surfaces (ie. Green 3. Create some cut
Now your cuts are silver (default color) and the rest of the part i
Green like you specified. Very affective for machined parts to se where the machined surfaces are
I didn't not create this technic, it came from Pro-User conferenc
last year
Hope this helps, Glenn |B
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Now as far as family tables parts go, it can be done, it will requir the use of surfaces
I did this for an LED. I wanted 1 green, 1 red and 1 yellow.
created the part with the lense red as the default. Then I created surfaces over the existing red one gave them like a .001 offset of th origianl surface
Then in the family table you simple call the feature that you want t
be whatever color you need. It's alittle bit of work, but th pictorial results are great come pretty picture time
Again, hope this helps, Glenn |B
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