Bolt hole circle on drawing

How can I have a bolt hole circle call out on a drawing?
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Do you want to dimension a pitch circle diameter on a drawing?
If you have placed the holes radially, perhaps as a pattern, then you can just show dimensions to see this. You can't create a dimension on the radial centreline through these holes, if you want to use created dimensions you'll have to make a daum curve / sketch throught the hole axes and dimension to this.
You may wish to restate your question more clearly if this is not an answer for the question you thought you asked.
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John Wade
I have problem with this as well, so let me add my question, maybe this is what Brooke wanted to ask: How to make a pitch circle on a drawing, maybe for having possibility to put a dimension on it, or just to show that items are spaced on equal pitch? Thanks Konrad
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