How to add corners on sheetmetal?

I am making sheetmetal parts that are 1/8" to 1/2" thick. We cut grooves off the face of the plates leaving .030" material. Technically this .030" area is our effective sheetmetal.

Pro/E doesn't seem to understand this, therefore, I would like to add a feature on our folded part that makes the outside corners have a .

03" radius instead of the material thickness.

A solution to any of the following would help:

1) Is there a way to add an attached solid feature to the outside of a sheetmetal part that looks like a sharp corner? 2) Is there a way to make a .030" sheetmetal part, then build up the inside face thickness, while allowing for holes, notches, etc.? 3) Is there a way to make a .03" outside radius on a .50" thick sheetmetal part?


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I have been working with ProE Sheetmetal for many years and in my opinion the answers to your

3 questions are:

1) No, this cannot be done in the Sheetmetal module

2) No, this cannot be done in the Sheetmetal module 3a) If your groove is on the inside of the bend the answer is no. The smallest outside radius the Sheetmetal will allow is = thickness. 3b) However, if your groove is on the outside of the bend you can come close to what I believe you are looking for.

- Extrude the profile you want in say 0.5" thickness with outside radius = thickness, i.e. inside = 0.

- unbend all bends

- make an extrusion cut from the outside cutting along the tangent lines, making a blind cut depth to leave 0.030"

- Bend back all bends. I don't understand why you want zero inside radius since you cannot bend anything like that but that's another question.


"bentod" skrev i meddelandet news:

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