Mechanism, movement distance.

I've created a cylinder type connection. I want the shaft to move a
certain distance then move back again. I have played with the Ramp
figures & can get it pretty close to what I want but I need to know
how to work out the settings so the movement is accurate. The shaft is
0.95mm away from the mating face of the tube. I want the shaft to move
up the tube untill it reaches the mating face (0.95mm), then move back
again 0.95mm.
Seems pretty simple hopefully someone will tell me how.
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To make the shaft move d you have to make to right connections between it and the mating wall. Assuming you have that right, place a servo motor to drive the shaft. Then in model\joint axis connections specify references for the zero setting and in limits\enable limits and state your values. Then to see this drive edit your servo motor with a cosine curve to have an amplitude of d/2 and start at zero. I've just tried this with a cylinder and piston and it's reciprocating. You may want to see a single stroke, then I think you use a ramp. Hope this helps.
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