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Hoping someone may be willing to explain this to me....

I have an assembly with a few components and a few assembly features in it. I create an assy datum plane referencing an axis and plane (assy features). If I query Info > Parent/Child for the newly created plane the parents show the referenced axis and plane (I understand this). If I query Info > Feature there are a bunch of unrelated entities listed as parents (I don't understand this). Is this normal? Should I simply disregard the parent reference data returned by Info > Feature or is there something at work here that I'm unaware of and need to learn about?

I'm using Wildfire.

Many thanks in advance, Jeff Howard


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I assembled a single part and created a datum plane through an axis on that part and orinetated off the a default assy datum info/feature, parents were the part and the assy which matched the info/ parent/child box note, I'm running 2001

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Thanks for taking a gander, Boltman. I've tried to duplicate the "feat" and can't. Can't remember which particular plane it was to dig into it any further, either, and at any rate the assembly's done. My main concern was that I might have been missing a fundamental concept, but it appears to have been either a glitch or I was confusing myself.

Thanks, again.


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