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I am looking for anyone who has any experience with Windchill PDMLink. I would like to know if it is a good PDM solution, what its general capabilities are, how long to implement, etc.--all the general questions before making a large investment in time and money. Anyone out there use Windchill? (or any other PDM that plays nicely with both ProE and other CAD/non-CAD files)?

thanks in advance, Mark

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We have been evaluating it. I have it loaded on workstation, but I haven't even logged on to that machine in 2+ months. I keep trying to attend the PDMLink Business Administration class, but PTC keeps canceling it for lack of students.

It took a while to install because the steps weren't fully documented. I complained loud enough that they fixed the Read This First guide in June to include the problem that was fixed by a TAN in May 2002!

The software looks capable of managing Pro data, but only with the latest

6.2.6 DSU6 build. One of the reasons I haven't used it much is that we have told PTC we will wait for V7 before doing anything more with it.

Corporate wise, we have one division with a 350+ seat Windchill application, but no CAD vaulting. We have also had discussions with NetIdeas on their IcePak Windchill implementation that ca do vaulting.

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Ben Loosli


Ben, Thanks for the reply. Anyone else out there use a PDM system? or just Intralink? I am very hesitant about possibly using Windchill. What I am considering, by a PTC competitor, that looks very promising is SmarTeam. If anyone can give me some advice about Pro/E with any type of PDM I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Mark

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V70 is set for release by the end of January sometime. It wouldn't hurt to try the implementation now with 6.2.6 DSU 6. A basic setup with Apache tomcat and either Solaris or Windows is pretty easy and shouldn't take more that half a day if you already have the oracle database back end up and running. Add another half of day if the oracle setup goes great.

The farther you deviate from the basic setup the more time it will take and complications can occur. But for a good system you will want a reverse proxy with ssl, file vaulting set up and some sort of cad adapters with visualzation. This is how PDMLink and Windchill systems are mostly deployed in large scale corporations. In your case a Pro/E cad manager works great for viewing cad docs from PDMLink.

PDMLink is great for managing CMII processes. It is built on a web server platform so that users can access from just about any PC. This is quite different from Pro/Intralink. So it just denpends on what you are trying to do. Ask your sales rep for a demo. And make sure you can get a full representation of everythign you want to do.

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