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Hello people, I'm popping up again to ask if anyone has any experience in using a 3D viewer with native ProE files. So far I have heard of Solid View, Edrawings and Rasterex. Anyone tried these on a professional basis? I want to be able to send files to clients who don't have ProE, so ideally it would make a file with the software embedded.

Any ability the program might have to mark up the file or generate marked up screen shots would probably be a plus. I know the latter can be done with MS Paint or similar but I want to keep the # of steps to a minimum. Thanks for any input.


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In my experience Edrawings is really very good. In the free version you can manage drw, prt and asm ProE files, but also, dwg, dxf and stl files. You can also create a html files (read by Internet explorer). The look is excellent. In the assembly files you can hide or make transparent each component. If you create an edrawing-format file from a Proe drw, you can also see and manage (rotate) the 3D relative part.

With the professional version (by purchase) you also can make sections, make measurements and mark up.

I don't know the other products you mentioned.

Bye Pier

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Pierluigi Diletti

You wish to try Autovue, I have tried it with ProE and it appears to work well. I don't have the product myself but one of my clients was evaluating it and it would read and mark up part,drawing and assembly files. It would also allow viewing of other solid modelling formats such as Solid Works, Solid Edge etc.

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Have been using eDrawings for a while, fantastic piece of software.


Doug wrote:

S Paint or similar but I want to keep the # of steps to a

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