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Hi all,
I understand it is possible to e-mail a SolidWorks file with an embedded
viewer so that it can be opened for read only on a computer that does not
have SolidWorks loaded. Does anyone know if this is a fact and if so how is
it done? I realise the file could also be e-mailed as an eDrawing and
perhaps this can have a viewer attached as well. Can anyone help here?
Running SolidWorks 2005 SP3.0
Thanks .. Roger
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Save edrawing as an .exe -- this may only be available in Pro version, someone may correct me on this.
There is also a SolidWorks Viewer
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John Layne
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John Layne
It is available in the non-pro version of eDrawings. The only drawback I've seen is that the self-contained eDrawings seem to use software OpenGL only. So, if the models is complex, you may want to recommend that the recipient install the eDrawings viewer.
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Dale Dunn
Tools -> Options -> General, and check the next to the last checkbox named "Save eDrawings data in SolidWorks document". It will make your files larger -- I presume significantly, but I don't know by how much -- and it will make them viewable with the free version of eDrawings Viewer.
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton Watermark Design, LLC
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