need line drawing from Solidworks

I cannot load the jpeg add-in, so downloaded the eDrawings 2008 viewer
from Solidworks ... intent was to save edrawing as a jpeg and that
viewer is really slick.
BUT I cannot output the line drawing I see when I hit the shade
button gets saved with all the cool color shading!
anyone have a workaround?
Stew Corman from sunny Endicott
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Hi Stew,
You can use print screen after you hit the shade button and paste in the paint, save as jpeg. The only problem with will the drawing scale.
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yes, scale is the problem did that as first try and pulled into PS ...lacking detail and lines come out too jaggy and missing line sections which aren't resolved on screen but in real image
I would like to get higher res if possible
wondering if any second party viewers are better than SW version??
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I do not know exactly what are you trying to do, but if you need just line drawing JPG is not the best format to use (because of compression) GIF or TIF should give you better output, GIF would be the best choice especially if you plan to use it with web
How about save as PDF from SW and then save it as JPG,GIF ..
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Odd, but I responded to this post yesterday and it dissappeared
drawing JPG is not the best format to use agree
Tif is fine
Gif looks terrible ..all jaggies
no can do, my version of SW only allows eDrawings looking for a third party plugin to SW, so I can do some of the above
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Keep in mind that TIF come in many flavors mostly because of the compression that causes errors in some viewers when attempting to open the file, also in general TIFs are larger files
What version of SW do you use?
You could share with us little more info about your project maybe someone has better ideas
drawing JPG is not the best format to use
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Good .PDF/.JPEG plugin to SWx is Bluebeam....
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better ideas
I thought I replied to this thread, sorry if you got an email instead, anyway:
Mr.T second time my answer was never posted (even tho it said otherwise)!!
repeating in short ...need publication quality line drawing for 8.5x11
went through WS settings to see if I could turn off shaded and/or color ...couldn't find such actions
just tried using screen grab from WS print preview ( largest screen avail) did a screen grab, sucked in PS
I am trying diff techniques to thichen and smooth lines some success: eliminated gray pixels with levels, bumped up res 4x, blurred pixels, used levels again and it thickened lines significantly
if I can determine a set of actions, I can save for future use
appreciate any assistance,
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