WARNING about a virus in this solidworks newsgroup!!!!

news.freedom2surf.net\comp.cad.solidworks\FW: Look at this updatepack53.exe
You don't have to open the post for your PC to be infected!
I have MacAfee enterprise antivirus running and this did not pick this virus
My PC has been running like a dead dog and also a lot of solidworks settings
keep changing.
I installed a free, (with 6 months free definition updates :-)), antivirus
program ,called Panda Titanium, which found this virus.
The virus name is W32/Gibe.C.worm.
Be warned and stay safe! :-)
And NO, I do not work or have any financial interest in Panda Antivirus, it
came on a PC magazine cd.
This is for all the psychopaths out there, who think I want to buy pirate
software, I pay for all that I use.
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Just some more info
Brief Description
Gibe.C is a worm that spreads via e-mail, through the peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing program KaZaA, across shared network drives and via IRC and newsgroups.
When Gibe.C spreads via e-mail, it can reach the computer in a message with HTML format that perfectly imitates the style of Microsoft web pages, in order to trick the user into thinking that the attached file is a security patch, or it could also reach the computer in a message that simulates to be a failure in the delivery of an e-mail sent by the user.
In addition, Gibe.C attempts to exploit the iFrame and Incorrect MIME Header vulnerabilities. The attached file is automatically activated when the message is viewed through Outlook's Preview Pane.
Gibe.C ends processes belonging to several antivirus programs, firewalls and system monitoring tools. This leaves the affected computer vulnerable to the attack of other viruses and worms.
Gibe.C disables the Windows Registry Editor. In addition, if Gibe.C does not find information in order to spread via e-mail, it displays a message that attempts to trick the user into giving confidential information, as e-mail address, mail account password, name of the mail server, etc.
Visible Symptoms
Gibe.C is easy to recognize, as it can reach the computer in an e-mail message that has HTML format and perfectly imitates the style of Microsoft web pages, in order to trick the user into thinking that the attached file is a security patch:
begin 666 trans.gif M1TE&.#EA"@`*`( ``/_______R'Y! 44````+ `````*``H```((A(^IR^T/ $8RL`.P`` ` end
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It was not a case of "falling for that" , you do NOT even have to open the email, as I have already mentioned. But if you use Microsoft outlook/express and you get sent the virus in an email, you will"automatically" be infected. The point I was making, was that MacAfee enterprise, did not detect it.
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Solidworks == crapware
Outlook Express == crapware
See the pattern?
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Nocturnal Dragon

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