PIPING - what am I missing?

I am new in this area of design and I expiriencing some difficulties that I can't overcome myself, so please help. I have menaged to obtain a disk with fitting library (proe 2001) and when I try to import a stright break fitting I cant menage to find any datum points defined on a fitting that I can use for alingning fitting onto a pipe line. There is a small fitting library that comes with instalation of proe2001 that I have used before and I didn't have similar problems importing those fittings. Is there some other way that I can use to align fitting onto a pipeline or there is something wrong with this libraries.

Here is an example. An TEE (or VALVE) fitting that comes with instalation of proe have three datum points defined in itself that are called NEAR, CENTER, and FAR that can easily be selected by clicking on a selecy by meny command. When I import fitting from new libraries clicking on a select by meny returns with nothing. What is happening?

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