Pro-e vs. solid edge

Is there anyone who knows the positive and the negative sides of solid edge vs pro-e??


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Pieter Steen
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Unfortunately, the comparison you wish to make, such as that between Pro/E and SolidWorks, is between apples and oranges. Pro/E compares to other high-end modelling systems such as UG and Catia. Anyone who can do all the stuff they want to do with SW or SolidEdge would be a sap to spend gobs of extra bucks to get the name of Pro/E or Unigraphics or Catia. Start asking about the particulars of the functions you need and you will quickly tell which system can do what you need it to do.

David Janes

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David Janes

Well, Proe does surface blending (like CATIA and other high-ends) and SW does not (well, i'v never figured it out how to) you know : blending a curved surface with a planar one, etc. that's the kind of feature you get when you pay the price, right ?. luís



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Luís Dantas

I wouldn't go that far. Datum curves/sketches, family tables, assembly structuring and top-down design are a few things that SE sucks at out of the box. But then SE is much smoother and more stable than Pro/E in all other areas. SE may appear to be easier to learn (at first, it is) but you can't really do mapkeys, advanced tricks (special dimension placements, for example) are undocumented, and the query select functionality plain sucks, so advanced users get tired quick.


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David Geesaman

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