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Anyone experience an increase in maintenance cost seems like it is 30% of software cost now

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PTC's claimed for years that they're losing money on maintenance. In truth, you can lose money on anything; proves nothing. But the claim would, at least, supply a thin narrative to the jab to their favorite stuckees. One wonders about the 'losing money' part, especially when some freebee professionals get fellow users the answers faster than the PTC 'professionals'. Makes me think that, if they hired some genuinely competent people, on a par with the best of the user groups, the support business mightn't cost them so much. Will cheapass, foot-shooting, self-defeating, Luddite, government supported American capitalists EVER learn what true efficiency is!?! I wait, with bated breath, to learn the answer. Alls I know is PTC's got a long row to how. (I know I've advised, in the past, to 'go with what you know', but, really, what you know is so infantile, so bereft of even capitalist dignity, so technically Luddite, I'm afraid I must retract the advise. It was sarcastic and facetious. I apoligize. Instead, seek professional help. And, don't let ANYONE in upper management screen them first. Seriously, guys, there's satellite radio ~ in body and soul, you've got to get into the 21st century, embrace GUI, it's your salvation [especially from your self-satisfied seventies selves].)

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David Janes

pretty good rant, David! They do so eventually because of the habit of having hordes of freshman covering support instead of experts. Only the salesmen in black are real experts (of their own)...

IMO, PTCs maintenance is a bloated cash cow... not worth the money, if you run into serious problems with proe this NG does far better.

Guess there were a lot of proe seat owners who´d really like to quit, but can´t due to ptc´s denial-of-upgrades-without-maintenance-contract policy - AFAIK there are a lot who _did_ quit and therefore are still stuck to 2001 or even versions older than that.

I once had maintenance on SGI system software and it was a 100 times more competent and responsive at a tenth of the costs.

Yes, there´s always some GUI "development"... dunno about WF variants (I´m not using one of those) but I guess ptc still has threads show up as interfering - ever run a "global interference" check in assemblies laden with nuts and bolts?


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Walther Mathieu

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