sheetmetal k & y factors

I can't seem to find parameters usable in relations for sheetmetal K & Y factors. Maybe it's prrefered not to have them available to us for some reason.


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If you go to 'Edit>Setup>Sheetmetal>Parameters', you'll find the ones you're trying to access. Generally speaking though, setable parameters in the Setup menus are not accessible or usable in any other way than through these Menu Manager menus. So, I can't say whether you could use smt_k_factor or smt_y_factor in relations or modify them in this way. As far as why it's this way, I sometimes think it was the general lameness of interface programming, the still vast areas of the program that haven't been GUI'd with the WF style Dashboard and/or there's some other module they want you to buy to gain access to such things: Pro/TOOLKIT perhaps. Sheetmetal Help might have something about these parameters and how they can be used.

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David Janes

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