Sketched Datum Curves. What's Up With This?

I have searched the group and think I found the answer to my inquiry. The pertinient thread is below. I would like to have this confirmed.

TIA Greg Albert

"The Sketch feature replaces the Sketched Datum Curve. It is similar, but has a few important differences. First, it autohides after you use it to create a feature. Also, it disappears from the model tree after you create a feature with it so you don't have a cluttered mess of 'Sketch' followed by 'Extrude' all the way down the tree (if you set the tree filter correctly) - it reappears if you delete the feature so you can re-use it. It remains associative to the feature unlike WF 1 (this association can be broken if desired). As for creation, it is just like a sketched datum curve. Pick a plane, orient it and add the necessary references. Regards David Janes Jun 23 2004, 8:45 am"

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That's all about right except regarding "disappears" and "reappears" we might be add; it will or it won't depending on how you've set up your tree filters.

That's all extremely easy to verify, so you might want to voice your question in the event there's some subtle difference I'm overlooking.


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Jeff Howard

Good point, but the other point is that this is a new (more conventional? industry standard?) approach, a new 'work flow', for Pro/e. Make a sketch first, hit 'Extrude' and you get your extrusion. Then modify it in the Dashboard to Thin protrusion, Cut, Surface, etc. Or just modify the depth dimension. And, yes, when this feature, based on this sketch, is deleted, the sketch remains. As I've heard, more like UGNX, SolidWorks, Catia. So nice that there's so little of the formal, superficial, interface stuff separating all of them. Now, maybe, people can just make their choices based on substance.

David Janes

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David Janes

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