Splitting ProToolkit Application to run on multi-processors

I am using ProToolkit to run some simulation runs. I wan to speed up the runs. Since Pro/E is not muli-thread, I thought of splitting out the runs using some controllers etc and submit multiple runs so as to make use of the multi-processors in my CPU.

Have anyone tried this before? How to create multiple Pro/E process to run each of my simulation iteration? Any problem with the Pro/E's license issue if I were to run on a mult-processor computer?

Thanks in advance Jenny

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Hmm... Not unless you can launch multiple sessions of Pro/E and set the afffinity to one processor or the other.. A single Pro/E session will likely gripe about handling multiple batch requests within the same session.

Alternatively, you can network over multiple sessions of Pro/E (multiple computers), you might check out NitroMation for this:

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- it is a Web Service interface to Pro/E and enables network processing by design.


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