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I am looking for a career change after being made redundant. Very interested in moving into CAD - AutoCAD - and looking for any info on training - work - help - advice! Many thanks in advance, Neil.

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Careers die, fact of life. Must be thousands that don't exist anymore, given technological change or capital movement to Asia. Found something with CAD you think is "bullet-proof" or will at least get you to retirement?

Very interested in moving into CAD - AutoCAD

Any reason to think you might be qualified? Like a history in design using something else, like a drafting board? Many ACAD people came from this background, others come through a certified, degreed program in something that requires the use of some design tool. Architectural design is one that favors ACAD, machine design also until it generally adopted solid modelling, such as Pro/ENGINEER. The use of the tools are generally linked to an actual career. Got one in mind?

- and looking for any info on training - work - help - advice! Help and advice will be some much easier when we know what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you could try one of those government programs for the economically or technologically displaced. Seems to be a lot of money around for that kind of training/counselling/placement. As you see, I have many more questions than answers. Any professionals you run into in the placement or academic counselling field will also. So, if you come back, have an actual story ready, with some history and qualifications/experience. Consider it free practice for the professionals.

David Janes

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