Trouble with pattern table in 2001

We seem to be having a problem with pattern tables here using version

2001. It seems we "do something Pro-E doesn't like" and after that you can't see or edit any pattern tables in that part. I went as far as to delete the pattern, delete the hole, save, exit, Erasenot display, put the hole back in, create pattern table and I get a note that says editing but I don't see it.

I've tried moving the windows to see if the pattern table window was behind something else, no luck.

Here is what I originally did. I have a sheetmetal box. I wanted to put holes in the mounting flange. I used a pattern, but forgot that I would not only have holes in the mounting flange but all over the part. So I wrote the pattern to a table, and was trying to delete the entries for the holes "in the center" of the pattern when the table window disappeared.

After that, no patterns would show up, I even tried to name them differently.

Running 2001, build 2002220 on Windows 2000.

Any ideas?


Mike Singer Topflight Corporation

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