C compilers for 68xx CPUs

Anyone know where I can find a SmallC, C or C++ compiler (preferably a free
one) for this series of cpus, specifically the MC6802? I've been googling
for hours, and all I can find are assemblers - I'm fed up with machine code
programming, and assembly isn't much better for the level of complexity I
need to program my latest project with...
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Tom McEwan
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Hi Tom Gcc can compile/assemble to the mc6809 and mc6811
You have to make a genuine compiler (for your computer - if you use Linux/bsd or unix it will probaly be installed already) and then use this compiler for compiling the cross compiler. You can use gcc on a dos/windows machine but I have no experince with this.
In the schript:
formatting link
can see the steps involed in building the gcc for m6811 and m6809. I have only used this schript for Linux.
Gcc is free. and has C, C++, assembler and a debugger.
For more info do a google for "gcc cross compiler"
Hope that this will help you Best regards Toke Koustrup
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Toke Koustrup

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