Trouble shooting robot???

In my current working environment we have had a new despatch system
installed. I work in a warehouse and the system was installed by a company
called Axiom. We have discovered a problem with one of the feed belts and
they are looking for a solution. The problem lies in the fact that the feed
belt goes over the top of our loading bay doors and is about 20 feet up. The
only way to reach the line is in a cherry picker but in some places that is
not possible due to equipment on the ground being in the way. Occasionally a
box can twist and catch on the side of the belt channel, thus causing a
blockage which stops the belt. To prevent boxes from falling off the belt is
placed in a channel with 1.5 feet high walls. My idea was to design and
build a robot that could go up the line from the start point using the top
of the walls as guide rails like those found on locomotives, find the
blockage and then realigns the box. Most of the work would be done by remote
control, with cameras giving visual feedback to an operator. My problem is
realigning the boxes without damaging them. I work in a video distribution
warehouse, one that works with the big Hollywood names. We ship a lot of
titles and the biggest box we ship holds 80 videos or 170 dvds and can reach
weights of 15 KGs. So what is the best way to move these boxes? Any other
hints, tips or advice would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
P.S I've tried to avoid mentioning brand names/title because I don't think
I'm allowed to.
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Appears the problem is with the conveyor belt, it needs some way of preventing the boxes from touching the side channels. Adding flange cleats might do the trick.
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This is a good idea but where is the robotics fun in it.
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