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I have a CNC mill :-)


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I've seen some stuff about making your own CNC on rec.crafts.metalworking, and there was mention of a yahoo group on making CNC machines.


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Ben Bradley


There are *many* Yahoo groups concerned with various aspects of CNC. The grand daddy of them all is probably:


Another good one is:


There are a whole slew of machine specific ones like:

Sherline SherlineCNC Taig

By the way, both Sherline and Taig are two popular desktop machines that are readily available in the US.

There are many more Yahoo groups.

Lastly, the site is quite popular as well.

The most recent issue of Servo Magazine is starting a series on a home built CNC machine.

Like robotics, there is a huge mountain of stuff to be learned to master CNC.

Have fun,


Ben Bradley wrote:

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Wayne C. Gramlich

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